New Printer and CNC’s – Double the Capacity for 2018!

In the third week of December 2017, we at AES took delivery of another BAAM 3D Printer and two more CNC Machining Centers, just shy of one year from taking delivery of our first BAAM.

While we were not expecting to double our production capacity so quickly, we were able to work out a deal for the equipment that made sense for us and it came at a great time for our growing business too.

To recap, in late December of 2016, we had one piece of machinery in our facility, the BAAM. Over the course of 2017 we picked up a Faro Laser Scanner, and a 10’x20′ 5-Axis Quintax Router for post machining our 3D Printed molds and prototypes. These three items composed our main equipment for nearly all of 2017.

Below is the equipment we recently took delivery of:


BAAM #2 at the AES facility in Akron, OH.

Recently delivered in this picture, we have several things we’ll still need to do to get it up and running.

This second BAAM is nearly identical to our first one with a few exceptions; the main one being the Z-Axis. Our first BAAM sits on up stilts to obtain a 72″ Z-Axis. This second BAAM is not on stilts (although planned in a future upgrade) so therefore has a 34″ Z-Axis.

Additionally, we have upgraded from one material dryer to four. This allows us to speed up production by queuing more materials in advance and shortening the changeover time from project to project.  We anticipate a February timeframe for production readiness with the new printing equipment.

Thermwood Model 70 5-Axis Router

The photo above shows the Thermwood during installation by certified Thermwood Service Technicians

The Thermwood Model 70 has a 10′ x 15′ bed with a 4′ Z-Axis. This style of router is incorporates an all in one moving bridge/gantry system,which makes loading and unloading of large BAAM parts easier. When the gantry is parked in the back it allows for a very open setup for us to take parts on and off the machine. Thermwood is a household name and we’re excited to get one in our facility and put it to work! The Model 70 has already been fully installed and serviced for the new year.


This picture was taken after the riggers had placed the machining center in its proper location.

The HAAS VF 4SS is a traditional 3-Axis CNC vertical mill. While our CNC routers are great for cutting thermoplastic tools and molds, they are not designed to machine metal. Having metal machining capability in our shop allows us to cut steel and aluminum pieces to complete our thermoplastic tools as well as shop jigs and fixtures. The bed on this HAAS is also large enough (50″x20″x25″) where we could have used it for production machining of tools and molds in 2017.

While much work is left to be accomplish, it is promising to see the new equipment arrive and will allow us to kick start 2018 with more capacity and shorter lead times.

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