Hello World: Meet Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Pioneers, AES.

We are Additive Engineering Solutions (AES), a contract manufacturer offering large scale additive manufacturing services.

We’re a spin off of OGS Industries, a family owned, metal forming contract manufacturing business that started in 1959. With their help, we’re able to get our company off the ground and make serious strides in the field of large scale additive manufacturing.

Our company is a little different from the additive manufacturing businesses. We saw an opportunity because no one was offering 3D Printing at this kind of scale and there were companies in need of this specific service. We’re setting ourselves apart right from the start with one of the largest polymer 3D printers ever built.

Our Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) printer is the only one in the world available to companies for commercial use.

AES started in 2015 as an additive manufacturing consulting service. Former Caterpillar Additive Manufacturing Design Engineer Austin Schmidt and OGS Industries’ Marketing Manager Andrew Bader came together under the idea of helping other businesses in the Northeast Ohio area get started in the additive manufacturing world. When they discovered the BAAM from Cincinnati Incorporated, the full plan for AES was born.

Why Should You Care About Large Scale Additive Manufacturing?

Many companies are hesitant to use additive manufacturing because the printing process is long, the part size that can be printed is too small and the materials used in the machines are too expensive.

At AES, we saw that the BAAM could help solve these problems for companies who were either on the fence about using 3D printers in their manufacturing process, or didn’t have an application that matched current 3D Printing capabilities. Large scale additive manufacturing offers a solution for most of the pain points that companies face.

For the last decade or so, the industry has been confined to a build volume of about a three foot cube. With our BAAM, we’re able to print parts at a scale of 12ft long, 5.5ft wide, and 6ft tall. The pieces we print can also be bonded together to build even larger parts.

We can also print parts at a speed of up to 100 pounds of material per hour compared to roughly 0.5lb for other popular commercial printers. Where many companies would have to wait days or weeks just to have a print completed, we can print parts in a matter of hours.

Most 3D printers today use a polymer filament, or a plastic spool of material, to feed into their printer. This filament is costly, and there are only a handful of approved materials that printers can use. Our BAAM is an open source system, and can conceivably run anything in pellet form. Essentially, we can create parts for companies using nearly any material that can be ran through a plastic injection molding extruder.

AES is pioneering huge strides in the additive manufacturing industry not only with the huge increase in speed and production time, but we’re allowing companies to expand the options to an immense catalog of new and different materials. It’s incredibly economical to purchase, making it more feasible for businesses to use this service. These polymers can replace a variety of materials including other thermoplastics, tooling boards, foam, wood, and in some instances metal alloys, which further expands the number of possible applications

Our Goal with Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

We chose to invest in large scale additive manufacturing production because of the opportunities within printing large scale tooling and molds for a variety of industries. But we’re not stopping our services at just printing. We’re also offering a complete tool and mold solution.

AES is helping businesses save costs and reduce lead times by printing, machining and applying finishes completely in house. The types of tools we will be producing include, layup tooling for carbon fiber and fiberglass applications (both in and out of autoclave), vacuum hold down trim tooling, production of foundry patterns, and more.

Our strategic goal at Additive Engineering Solutions is to be the leader in large scale additive manufacturing with a focus on tool and mold production. That means becoming the experts at printing a wide range of materials and continually work to advance the industry by working on the technology and hardware itself.

Our team has years of experience in design engineering for 3D printing, over seven years of additive manufacturing materials development and several decades of experience in contract manufacturing.

We’re ready to help businesses streamline their manufacturing processes. Are you?

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